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Durban Online Holdings


Durban Optical is a practitioner of integrated value and supply chains and, to realise the full benefit of such integration, has created Durban Online to hold all of its data and information. Durban Optical has its own data centres and information storage and access systems to enable it to be wholly self sufficient and to protect its clients' and patients' privacy and personal details. Durban Optical does not outsource its information and communications technology requirements, doing everything in house through Durban Online.

Durban Online Networks


Durban Optical is committed to developing technology as a key driver of healthcare service delivery; and, in order to achieve this, has invested in Durban Online to provide information, communications and technology services to Durban Optical, Durban Opticians, Opticians Bank, Durban Optical Clinics, Durban Optical Hospitals and Optical College. This will include both internal ICT needs and eCommerce solutions for all Durban Optical outlets and points of service.

Durban Online Systems


Durban Optical is currently researching and developing technology in the field of computer vision to go beyond biometrics and to delve into the world of automated optometry. Turning every digital camera enabled device into an autorefractor and a pupillary distance measuring device. This technology will expand the reach of the eyecare professions for the purposes of first line screening so that people who have no access to eyecare, visioncare or opticalcare are able to be screened for optometric purposes. This technology will empower professional practitioners, not replace them.

Durban Online Aggregation


Durban Optical is a world leader in web aggregation. Web Aggregation is what drives internet audience participation. It is the process of getting and keeping eyeballs on content. It is the lifeblood of content dependent internet businesses. Durban Optical is a well versed practitioner of Web Aggregation from Startup Accumulation to Legend Expansion. It is impossible to trade on the internet without effective Online Aggregation and Durban Optical is the first choice in every market to obtain successful audience participation.

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Durban Networks Systems


Durban Optical is a firm supporter of the inalienable uniqueness, individuality and personality of ever person; and in order to ensure that everyone benefits from the finest quality eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare; has developed Durban Networks  to gather together Durban's Optical Networks and integrate and rationalise them for optimal efficiency. This will lead to a greater propensity for success in educational and working endeavours.

Durban eCommerce Platforms


Durban Optical's ultimate customers are the people whom live, work, learn and believe with satisfaction as a result of Durban Optical's products and services. In order for these people to realise their full potential, Durban Optical has created an eCommerce Platform that will take all participating businesses into the digital world of eCommerce in the context of an online Super Mall.

eThekwini Online


Durban Optical cares about the quality and proficiency of public services in Durban. As an effort to encourage multiparty democracy, Durban Optical operates eThekwini Online in order to encourage civic participation in the public good, to stimulate competition in the political arena and to ensure good, responsible governance throughout the political representation process. 

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OPTIWEB is Cloud-based Operations Management, MRP, ERP, Practice Management and Patient Management software that integrates the value and supply chain for Durban Optical and its associates.