Perfect Vision for a Perfect World


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Microgene Dynamics

Microgene Dynamics is a specialised clonemaking and cloneprogramming system for the eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare professions, industries and markets. Focusing on the provision of healthy eyesight, healthy vision and healthy optics to every Durban Optical and Durban Opticians patient, Microgene Dynamics is extremely progressive in its outlook.

Microgene CMS

Microgene CMS is the dedicated Client Management System for Microgene companies. From sourcing to payments; and from making to deliveries, Microgene CMS is ahead of the game by thousands of years. With fully integrated value, volume, supply and demand chains Microgene CMS guarantees that all clients are completely satisfied, worldwide.

Microgene NIS

Microgene NIS is the operator of the National Intelligence Services and National Intelligence Systems in client countries. From ensuring state security to the eradication of malicious programming, Microgene NIS is a thriving enterprise that operates around the clock, across the world and is focused on counter terrorism programming and population security.

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Microgene Technologies

Microgene Technologies is the leading developer of clonemaking and cloneprogramming systems and technologies throughout the world and is focused on the eradication of diseases and disorders and the extermination of irrelevant genetic permutations so as to prevent inferior programming from propagating.

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Royal Falcon Holdings

Middle Eastern mysticism is melded with good old fashioned clone making and programming technology that produces a result which is a wonder to behold. Not for the feint-hearted and not for those unaccustomed to the reality of life in the Middle East.

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InfoComTech Online

The world's first full service clone making and programming system that brings together a range of options stated in common parlance. InfoComTech Online is all about leveraging the positions of clones in networks for maximum effect and prosperity.

B04178 C1

For the first time the needs of the digital natives in the arena of clone making and programming is taken seriously with this offering of an entire thinking technique which is predicated on the logic that every clone is in fact a member of the internet of things already. It's all about how to beneficiate the position of the individual as a unique being, within the context of the demands being placed on the future of civilisation.

B04165 C2

Some vendors offer you CBD Vitamin Supplements, some vendors offer you CBN with your CBD Vitamin Supplements. We don't sell Cannabis or Cannabis products, we sell a synthesised state of being which is a direct replica of the state you would be in if you had in fact consumed Cannabis. That is all of the benefits of Cannabis without any detriments. Another world first from Durban Optical.