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Corporate Social Responsibility Investments

Optometric Examination Vouchers

Durban Optical will introduce a program which provides free vouchers to the general public for optometric examinations at Durban Opticians practices, on the basis of one optometric examination per person per year.

Once the voucher is obtained by the patient, a booking must be made by the patient at one of the Durban Opticians practices. The optometric examinations will be performed by qualified, HPCSA registered optometrists and will each take approximately half an hour.

If, in the opinion of the optometrist, the patient needs spectacles or contact lenses, they will be able to have them dispensed at the Durban Opticians practice where they have had their optometric examination. Durban Opticians practices only stock Eye & Vision Health Supplements, Spectacle Frames, Spectacle Lenses and Contact Lenses from Durban Optical, whom provides the spectacle making services for Durban Opticians practices.

Through this initiative Durban Optical and Durban Opticians intend to enable everyone to have access to an optometric examination once a year at no cost to themselves nor at any cost to the state and taxpayers. Durban Optical enables Durban Opticians practices to provide inexpensive spectacles and contact lenses to their patients, which will further increase and improve access to good quality, professional eyecare and visioncare services.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Durban Opticians. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World. www.opticians.durban

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Vision Clinics

In order to improve access to eyecare and visioncare services in under-developed and under-serviced areas, considering that good, clear eyesight and vision are prerequisites for successful learning, playing, working and living; Durban Optical will be establishing non-profit vision clinics where there are no eyecare or visioncare services.

Staffed by qualified, HPCSA registered optometrists, these vision clinics will also have primary healthcare nurses so that the vision clinics can provide a holistic health screening service as well. Simple, low cost spectacles will be the order of the day while optometric examinations will be free. Priority will be given to school learners and the elderly. There will be a limited number of appointments available per day, so booking early will be essential.

It is hoped that these vision clinics will become employers of eyecare and visioncare practitioners just out of university who are looking to gather some valuable experience in innovative environments before continuing on with their careers. If Durban Optical can intervene in the communities most under-serviced and deliver essential eyecare and visioncare services through these vision clinics in a manner that promotes learning, playing, working and living then this will have been a worthwhile initiative.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Durban Optical Clinics. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World. www.optical.org.za

Opticians Bank

Durban Optical together with established banks, financial service providers and credit providers will be introducing a new affordable bank, affordable financial service provider and affordable credit provider to be called Opticians Bank.

The purpose of this will be to finance eyecare and visioncare services, the optical industry throughout the value chain and the eyecare and visioncare purchases of patients.

There is no such specialised service that finances eyecare and visioncare students, practitioners and practices, optical businesses and eyecare and visioncare patient purchases anywhere in South Africa.

The medical schemes do not provide adequate benefits for eyecare and visioncare services and because eyecare and visioncare services are so expensive at present, most people, even those with medical insurance, cannot afford eyecare and visioncare at all.

One of the first things that Opticians Bank will finance will be a network of privately owned and operated Specialist Eye & Vision Hospitals that will provide all encompassing eyecare and visioncare services to the general public.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Opticians Bank. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World. www.opticiansbank.com

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