Perfect Vision for a Perfect World


Corporate Social Responsibility Investments

Durban Opticians

There will only be 10 Durban Opticians outlets throughout Durban. They will be destination stores that offer the services of many Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, that offer thousands of spectacle frame choices and that offer a wide selection of thin spectacle lens designs. As far as contact lenses go, we have decided to only stock daily disposable contact lenses and have set the retail price of these contact lenses at R20.00 ZAR a day regardless of prescription and regardless of whether the contact lenses are supplied through Durban Optical or made by Durban Optical.

So for those patients whom previously spent a fortune on "permanent" contact lenses that had to be especially made for them; Durban Opticians will now fit them with daily disposable contact lenses at the same price as the regular prescriptions. In terms of spectacles, all of our spectacle frames are the same price, we do not sell spectacle frames or lenses on their own to the public and as such single vision spectacles with all of the lens enhancements will cost just R500.00 ZAR a pair while multifocal spectacles with all of the lens enhancements will cost just R1000.00 ZAR a pair. Incidentally each and every Durban Opticians outlet will have its own onsite Optical Laboratory to surface and coat spectacle lenses and to make spectacles in a 1 hour turnaround time.

We have done away with bifocal spectacles completely as our freeform surfacing offers a wide range of multifocal designs some of which will seem like bifocals to experienced bifocal wearers. Naturally spectacle cases, spectacle lens cleaning cloths and bottles of spectacle lens cleaning solution are free of charge and bundled in with the patient's pair of spectacles. Every Durban Opticians outlet will provide and honour a voucher entitling each person to 1 free Optometric Examination per year, while Optometric Examinations themselves will cost just R300.00 ZAR. Each Durban Opticians outlet will be a free standing building of 3000 square metres internal space offering an unparalleled experience to our patients.

In addition every Durban Opticians outlet will have an onsite Cafe Senegalaise store serving up tasty continental cuisine and Cafe Touba for our patients and the general public.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Durban Opticians. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

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Durban Optical Clinics

To solve the crisis in primary healthcare and to make eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare accessible to people in large numbers, Durban Optical Holdings is establishing an outlet of Durban Optical Clinics in every municipal ward of Durban. There will be many Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, many primary health nurses and many medical practitioners and pharmacists at each outlet. Each outlet will be a free standing building of 1000 square metres internal space.

There will still be hundreds of spectacle frames to choose from and all spectacle lenses will still be dispensed with all of the high end lens enhancements. Further to which each and every Durban Optical Clinics outlet will have its own onsite Optical Laboratory to surface and coat spectacle lenses and make spectacles in a 1 hour turnaround time. It is intended that Optometric Examinations will be free of charge, that single vision spectacles will cost just R100.00 ZAR a pair and that multifocal spectacles will cost only R300.00 ZAR a pair. That means for the price sensitive consumer, a pair of distance spectacles and a pair of reading spectacles will cost the princely sum of no more than R200.00 altogether.

Durban Optical Clinics will not be fitting contact lenses, instead referring all patients who need contact lenses instead of spectacles to the nearest Durban Optical Hospitals outlet. In terms of medical services; it is intended that free primary health screening performed by registered nurses will be provided and that consultations with medical practitioners will also be free of charge. To supplement this, once-off medication will cost only R100.00 per prescription and chronic medication will cost only R100.00 ZAR per prescription per month. All medication will be dispensed at the onsite pharmacy by the registered pharmacists.

We anticipate large volumes of patients so every Durban Optical Clinics outlet will be open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm daily. If the demand warrants it, additional healthcare practitioners from other disciplines will be added to the Durban Optical Clinics formula.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Durban Optical Clinics. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

Opticians Bank

Working with a registered Financial Services provider and a registered Credit Provider, Durban Optical Holdings, will through International Eyecare Visioncare and Opticalcare Finance Corporation make cheap, accessible consumer finance and insurance available to all patients of Durban Opticians, Durban Optical Clinics and Durban Optical Hospitals. We have taken the position of not contracting with any medical aid scheme, medical aid scheme administrator, health insurance provider, health insurance platform, health management organisation or the much talked about National Health Insurance system.

Our prices for specialised Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare will be lower than the market clearing rates. Our prices for spectacles and contact lenses will not be beaten by anyone and we intend to extend credit and complementary benefits to any patient whom requires it. Durban Optical Clinics will utilise a means test, such that households which earn less than R3500.00 ZAR a month or which are recipients of SASSA grants will be able to access Durban Optical Clinics services. Durban Opticians will be providing a single voucher per patient per year entitling that patient to a free Optometric Examination at a Durban Opticians outlet.

Opticians Bank is going to finance the value chain for Durban Optical Holdings from product sourcing, through professional training, manufacturing, distribution and consumer purchases. We have faith that our patients will honour their credit agreements, which will not be based on them having to qualify for credit on the basis of employment or wealth status.

Simply put, if you are in Durban, have a South African Identification Document or Card, or have a permit entitling you to residency in South Africa you will qualify for an Opticians Bank account to make your purchases from Durban Opticians, Durban Optical Clinics or Durban Optical Hospitals.

This initiative will be completely digital with the only physical service centres being located at the various Durban Opticians, Durban Optical Clinics and Durban Optical Hospitals outlets.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Opticians Bank. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

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Durban Optical Hospitals

With consulting rooms for Doctors of Optometry, Orthoptists, Occularists, Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic Surgeons; Durban Optical Hospitals 4 outlets will function 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Durban Optical Holdings is going to make specialised Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare available to the public at rates far less than the prevailing prices. Each Durban Optical Hospitals outlet will have wards for in-patient medium term treatment, in-patient short term treatment and out-patient treatment. This means that the recovery time for patients during and post treatment will be in hospital. Durban Optical is determined to source or manufacture intraocular lenses at groundbreaking prices so as to make cataract surgery affordable. Durban Optical Hospitals will adhere to the Durban Optical Holdings tariff for both practitioner consultations and in hospital treatments and enforce this tariff without exception.

Durban Optical Hospitals aims to be competitive on the basis of cost leadership and will ensure that all patients are treated with the highest level of professional skill and quality of care. Through Optical College, Durban Optical Hospitals will ensure that all of its resident practitioners (and we will only be working with our resident practitioners) are constantly trained and retrained in the latest and most innovative Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare therapies, treatments and procedures. This includes a focus on long term effective surgery that does not result in Ophthalmic pathology in the future. Durban Optical Clinics and Durban Optical Hospitals are going to work with public academic institutions so that our first-world facilities may serve as training facilities for Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare students from all over the African continent. There are not enough Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare practitioners in Africa and this something we aim to address quite seriously.

While the main purpose of Durban Optical Hospitals will be the treatment of Ophthalmic pathology and the provision of Ophthalmic Surgical services, the specialist areas of Behavioural Optometry, Geriatric Optometry, Low Vision Optometry, Neuro-Optometry and Paediatric Optometry will also feature prominently. Each of the Durban Optical Hospitals will host a Centre for the Prevention of Blindness where specialist eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare services will be provided to the partially sighted and the blind.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Durban Optical Hospitals. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

Optical College

Durban Optical has created Optical College which will initially provide tuition support and examination supervision for online training programs delivered and certified by internationally respected training bodies for Optical Assistants, Senior Optical Assistants, Optical Practice Managers, Senior Optical Practice Managers, Optical Representatives (in the categories of Health Supplements, Spectacle Frames, Spectacle Lenses, Contact Lenses, Optometry Equipment, Ophthalmology Equipment, Ophthalmic Surgical Equipment, Optical Manufacturing Machinery and Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare Consumables) and Optical Technicians (in the categories of Spectacle Lens Makers, Spectacle Makers, Contact Lens Makers and Optical Manufacturing Machinery Maintenance).

After establishing this base, Optical College will branch out into Continuing Professional Development for Dispensing Opticians, Optometrists, Orthoptists, Occularists, Ophthalmic Nurses, Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic Surgeons. This is a saturated market with every professional association trying its hand at a CPD points system. Our competitive edge will be in the inviting of international experts to deliver the CPD programs in Optical College's academic environment.

Further to this, Optical College intends to become the first private sector training institution that trains, nurtures and produces Dispensing Opticians, Optometrists, Orthoptists, Occularists, Ophthalmic Nurses, Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic Surgeons, given the shortage of these Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare practitioners on the African continent. Optical College will seek to align itself with the professional training organisations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the United States of America so as to be relevant and at the forefront of Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare academic research.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and Optical College. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

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The decision to include zero prescription sunglasses in our portfolio of products is informed by the reality that sunglasses are fashion accessories and while most people need optically prescriptive correction, they don't seek it out as frequently as they buy sunglasses. Working with a leading manufacturer of sunglasses, DELTAVISION is going to distribute ranges of sunglasses that are store branded, that is they will not be DELTAVISION branded sunglasses, but rather be brand specific to the Supermarket, Clothing Store, Health Store, Sports Store, Pharmacy or General Dealer where they are available.

Unlike the rest of Durban Optical Holdings companies which are focused in Durban, DELTAVISION will maintain a wholesale and distribution business throughout the African continent, with no exclusivity deals for any customer. Retail outlets selling DELTAVISION Sunglasses will be able to determine their own retail prices for their own branded sunglasses, and patients will not be able to use their Opticians Bank accounts to buy sunglasses.

The rationale behind this is that Durban Optical supplies all spectacle lenses with a photochromic grey enhancement and given that the majority of people need prescriptive Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare correction, we would prefer patients to be wearing their prescription spectacles rather than not being able to see clearly while wearing sunglasses. To answer the age old question of patients wearing contact lenses needing sun protection, the answer is a pair of zero prescription pair of dispensed spectacles with all of the lens enhancements - this is much more affordable than wearing contact lenses and designer sunglasses that go out of fashion every three months. DELTAVISION will strive to ensure that each retail outlet has a wide range of sunglasses at a wide range of prices for the consumer.

Durban wins with Durban Optical and DeltaVision. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.