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Durban Optical

Durban Optical Holdings

The holdings company of the three departments: DURBAN OPTICAL, DURBAN ONLINE and MICROGENE, Durban Optical Holdings is the management firm of the collection of companies that are associated with the Durban Optical initiative. It sets standards for its associated companies, it sets price levels for its associated companies and it sets rules for its associated companies. It is at the epicentre of the work. Durban Optical Holdings is a forward thinking, client facing organisation that does not tolerate mediocrity at any level. It is lean in its operations and agile in its procedures and is always learning.

It is intended that the board of directors of Durban Optical Holdings be comprised of both executive and non-executive directors starting with a non-executive Chairperson, a non-executive Deputy Chairperson, the Chief Executive Officer, a Company Secretary, a Technical Director, a Deputy Technical Director, the Director of Optical College and five non-executive directors being a Dispensing Optician, an Optometrist, an Ophthalmologist, an Ophthalmic Surgeon and a Medical Practitioner.

To implement the program of Durban Optical Holdings an executive committee will be created comprising of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Operations Officer, the Chief Information Officer, the Operations Officer of Durban Optical, the Operations Officer of Durban Online, the Operations Officer of Microgene and the Operations Officer of Cafe Senegalaise.

To supplement this there will be a Laboratory Committee, a Wholesale Committee, a Supply Chain Committee, a Quarterly Conference (that will include all staff and personnel), a Growth, Development and Strategy Committee and a Strategic Equity Partners Representative Committee. Durban Optical Holdings will exceed expectations by prioritising strategic scenario planning in all of its decision-making activities.

The Quarterly Conference will bring together all of the human resources of Durban Optical so that there can be focus and feedback that informs the future of Durban Optical. These gatherings will be used to present the quarterly results of Durban Optical Holdings to the public.

With regards to the Growth, Development and Strategy Committee its work will be to ensure that the Planning, Organising, Leading, Motivating and Controlling operations of Durban Optical are synchronised perfectly and that Durban Optical exceeds its Growth, Development and Strategy goals.

In terms of Strategic Equity Partners, 30% of each Durban Optical Holdings company will be sold to a different Strategic Equity Partner, who brings capital, knowledge and ethics to the table. This will ensure that the public listing of Durban Optical Holdings goes smoothly and that additional capital is raised for the expansive plans of Durban Optical.

Durban wins with Durban Optical Holdings. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

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Durban Optical

Durban Optical is a wholesale, manufacturing and distribution business that is built around the manufacture of single vision, photochromic grey semi-finished spectacle lenses. Durban Optical will be the sole supplier to all Durban Opticians outlets, all Durban Optical Clinics outlets and all Durban Optical Hospitals outlets, whose staff will be exclusively trained by Optical College.

We have chosen to invest in the latest freeform surfacing technology at all of our onsite Optical Laboratories, so that each pair of spectacles is custom designed and made for the individual patient. No two pairs of spectacles will ever be the same. Using Optiweb, our multidimensionally integrated cloud-based software, Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians will be able to custom prescribe each pair of spectacles not just in terms of long distance and short distance, but in terms of intermediate distances, electronic screen distances, driving distances and working distances as well.

With an active choice to sell only finished spectacle lenses with all the prevailing enhancements at the same price as regular spectacle lenses, Durban Optical has set itself a task of being price competitive and volume intensive and is building its plant and infrastructure around these parameters.

Durban Optical is for the first 15 years of its operations going to focus on expanding throughout Durban, so that Durban Optical becomes a well respected and well loved household name across all segments of society. By investing intensively in the Durban Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare industry, professions and market; to the exclusion of national or even provincial expansion; Durban Optical will position Durban as a destination for Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare.

Given the rampant prices of quality Optometric and Optical Dispensing products and services it is expected that people will travel to Durban to have their spectacles made and contact lenses fitted. This is Durban Optical's approach to local economic development in the particular healthcare sector of Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare.

Durban Optical will strive to exceed production volumes of the big players in the Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare industry, profession and market both locally and internationally and in order to do this has partnered with leading suppliers of machinery and technology to ensure that Durban Optical operates at an optimum level at all times.

Durban Optical's ultimate success hinges on one imperative, and that is Optical College. It is only if Optical College is able to train Durban Optical's staff and personnel to the same qualitative standards as are expected in the developed world, that Durban Optical will be able to deliver on its brand promise.

Durban wins with Durban Optical. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

Durban Optical Import

Durban Optical is positioning Durban Optical Import to be the importing business of Durban Optical Holdings. This means that whatever Durban Optical Holdings Imports will be imported by Durban Optical Import. Durban Optical Import will also provide a supply chain service to the Optical Industry throughout Africa, importing Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare goods and products for other companies as well.

Due to the fact that Durban Optical Holdings has exclusive rights throughout Africa to an impressive range of spectacle frames which are of a very high standard of quality, Durban Optical will not be manufacturing spectacle frames, instead Durban Optical Import will bring these spectacle frames for distribution throughout Africa.

Durban Optical Import will exploit the fact that imported optical goods for Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare purposes are not subject to customs or excise duty, to streamline the importing of optical goods into Africa so that optical businesses outside of Durban can begin to lower their retail prices across the board.

Extreme care will be taken to establish Durban Optical Import as a reputable importer of optical goods from around the world, and Durban Optical Import will build strong and long-lasting relationships with all of its clients and suppliers.

Strident efforts will be made to bring key suppliers into Durban Optical as Strategic Equity Partners so that they have a vested interest in the long-term success of Durban Optical and Durban Optical Import is essential for this to happen. By sourcing good quality optical products and equipment and by being reliable as an importer Durban Optical Import will be able to grow the base for the future expansion of Durban Optical throughout South Africa.

It is important to note that the brand is "Durban Optical" and this will never vary or change regardless of where Durban Optical expands. Durban Optical is a proud corporate citizen of Durban and will carry the flag for Durban wherever it goes.

Having said that it is obvious that Durban Optical plans to predominate and monopolise the Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare industry, profession and market in and of Durban and will always be open to the suggestion that competing practitioners close their practices and join Durban Optical Clinics as shareholders, once they have been suitably retrained by Optical College.

Durban Optical Import will seek to bring optical brands that have left South Africa back to the South African market so as to grow the range of choice that patients have in their Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare purchases.

Durban wins with Durban Optical Import. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.

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Durban Optical Export

Durban Optical is positioning Durban Optical Export to be the exporting business of Durban Optical Holdings. With a clear mandate to export throughout Africa, Durban Optical Export will be exporting turnkey Durban Optical Clinics outlets, turnkey Durban Opticians outlets and turnkey Durban Optical Hospitals outlets into Africa, with all staff trained by Optical College.

In addition to this the supply of these outlets outside of South Africa will be handled on a continuous basis by Durban Optical Export. Durban Optical Holdings has as a prime objective the establishment of a Durban Optical Clinics outlet in every municipal ward throughout the African Union, by taking advantage of the African Union's Continental Free Trade Agreements.

It is safe to say that Durban Optical is Afrocentric and that in all its dealings with its all of its partners throughout Africa, local conditions and markets will be taken into serious consideration. Durban Optical is a model that enables "Perfect Vision for a Perfect World" and will use this model as a template for Durban Optical Export's aggressive foray into the African continent.

Durban Optical Export will establish warehouse facilities and supply chain routes radiating from Dakar, Lagos, Cairo and Dar es Salaam so as to be able to supply any Durban Optical outlet overnight, wherever they may be. Strong partnerships with airfreight companies must be established to enable this and Durban Optical Export will work tirelessly to ensure that all of Africa is interconnected with a delivery service that exceeds the prowess of the developed world.

In making Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare accessible to all of the peoples of Africa, Durban Optical Export will partner with reputable local delivery systems to ensure that its cargo reaches its correct destination on time and intact. Where such local delivery systems do not exist, they will be created through localised partnerships driven by Durban Optical Export.

It is imperative for the success of Durban Optical Export for a strong partnership between Durban Optical Holdings and a construction company that is able to build anywhere in Africa, in terms of both physical infrastructure and electricity and water supply, to be established and Durban Optical Holdings is in the process of identifying such a partner.

Durban Optical Export will further strengthen its position in Africa by partnering with non-governmental organisations to drive civic education programs particularly in rural areas that propagate the necessity of regular Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare service reception.

Durban wins with Durban Optical Export. Perfect Vision for a Perfect World.